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2020 Chicopee St Patrick's Parade Committee

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Welcome to the Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee. Our purpose as a committee is to promote and encourage participation in parades, memorials, socials, dances, and other activities in memory of St. Patrick. To raise funds, to sanction, sponsor and promote contests and events in observance of St. Patrick’s Day. To cultivate social interaction among the members and to inculcate the principles of charity, justice, brotherly love, and fidelity, and to promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of its members. To hold real and personal property and to do all things authorized by law to further the purposes of this corporation.

To participate in the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the day that is designated by the St. Patrick’s Day Committee of Holyoke, Inc., under the rules set up by that committee. To compete to the best of our ability in a sportsmanlike manner for the honors that are awarded by the St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke, Inc., and for our own satisfaction as a committee and also for the community pride of the citizens of Chicopee and for all of our sponsors and benefactors.

We’re proud to offer a variety of sub-committees that allow our members to contribute to Parade Season in whatever way they feel best. No matter your skill set or interests, we have something for everyone from building our award winning floats to organizing raffles and bake sales. While we do have events throughout the entire year, the height of our activity happens between January and Parade Day, which falls the first Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day every year. If you have a passion for Irish Culture and enriching Chicopee’s community, we encourage you to fill out our membership application today.

Membership Sub-committees

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  • Float
  • Awards
  • Membership
  • Public Relations
  • Program
  • Fundraising
  • Mayor’s Liaison
  • President’s Dinner
  • Contest
  • Ball
  • Ball Tickets
  • Flowers
  • Mass
  • Parade Day
  • Post Parade Party
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  • Limousine
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